Your journey starts here


Our first step always includes a fertility consultation and fertility assessment to ensure that our fertility specialists understand your family building goals and unique situation.

Our primary goal is to ensure we are building a strong foundation based on knowledge and trust. 



Fertility Consultation

Every person’s journey begins with a fertility consultation with one of our fertility specialists. We will ask you about your history and family building goals as well as listen to your priorities. If there are going to be two parents involved in the process, we strongly encourage both to attend the fertility consult.

Based on the information gathered in your visit, your fertility specialist will recommend a number of diagnostic tests in order to learn more about your fertility and provide advice about the best next course of action. We’ll answer any questions you may have and ensure you feel comfortable and confident about the process.

Fertility Assessment

Your fertility assessment will be based on diagnostic tests recommended by your fertility specialist during your initial consult. The results of this assessment will help to determine the best path forward for you. The specific diagnostic tests may vary depending on your individual situation.

Blood work

There are a number of different blood tests that your fertility specialist may order to get a better understanding of your fertility or to prepare you for treatment. These may include hormone, genetic or ovarian reserve testing.

Ultrasound & Sonohysterogram

Abdominal and internal ultrasounds are used to check your ovaries and uterus, including your ovarian reserve. These are paired with a sonohysterogram, a specialized ultrasound test that involves putting a small amount of fluid into the uterus in order to check the shape of the uterus and if the fallopian tubes are open.

Semen analysis

A semen analysis provides us with important information about the quantity and quality of sperm. Specifically, we measure the concentration, or amount of sperm, the morphology, or shape of sperm, and the motility, or the movement of sperm.


Making your family building possible


Everyone deserves to grow their family, and we want to make that possible for you too. Every journey starts with a free fertility consultation with one of our fertility specialists. No referral is required.

Based on your fertility consult, further assessments may be recommended. We offer simple and transparent pricing that helps people make their family-building goals a reality.

Some services and drug costs are covered by OHIP or private insurance. Our care team will work closely with you to ensure you receive maximum coverage for supported services.

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