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313 Eglinton Avenue West
Toronto, Ontario
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About Twig Midtown

Twig Fertility Midtown is located in a heritage building on the southwest corner of Eglinton Ave and Avenue Rd. Our full-suite fertility centre also features on-site embryology and andrology labs as well as a specialized fertility pharmacy.

From the first moment you step inside, you are greeted by the warmth and welcoming of our team. We have reimagined every aspect of the clinical experience, from our physician’s office to your changing space, to be more thoughtful, more personal and more comfortable for you.

Services Available

A quick and easy way for people with eggs or sperm to learn more about their reproductive health.

We provide egg freezing which allows people to freeze their eggs for family building in the future.

We offer a range of established and effective fertility treatments, including IVF, to help people build their families.

We champion inclusivity and are happy to support all people on their path to building a family.

We stay with our patients until 10 weeks to closely monitor their progress while offering treatment and support.

We offer a number of services to ensure our patients are feeling physically, mentally and emotionally supported on their journey.

Our in-house pharmacy makes it simple and convenient to get your prescriptions. We offer a large selection of fertility medications and other related products all in one place, so no matter your needs, you can easily fill your prescriptions and get what you need without waiting.

The Twig Pharmacy is open weekdays from 7am to 3pm and Saturdays from 7am to 12pm.

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