PHI Disclaimer

As a patient of TWIG, you will be asked to provide us with personal health information (“PHI”) that will assist in the delivery of your care. TWIG complies with all applicable privacy laws and has implemented various policies and procedures to protect your privacy, including appointing a privacy officer and developing a privacy policy. You understand that TWIG uses an online digital system for booking appointments and uses email communications to provide information and confirm appointment bookings.

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You have had the opportunity to review and have agreed to be bound by TWIG’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.  In addition to the collection, use and disclosure of PHI for the purposes of providing care, you agree that your PHI may be used for the following purposes: occasional email updates regarding new services or promotions, as well as any other purposes outlined in the Privacy Policy or permitted by applicable law. 

We encourage you to look to the privacy policy if you have any questions about how your PHI is used, stored or disclosed in compliance with applicable laws.    

You can be assured that the confidentiality of your PHI will be protected regardless of where or how this information is collected, used or disclosed by TWIG. 

You have the right to withhold your consent to use of your PHI where your consent is required, subject to the Privacy Policy and applicable privacy laws. 

You understand and agree that this consent shall apply to this appointment and any future appointments with Twig Fertility

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